Abacus Learning Of Higher Mental Maths.

Adopted and developed the abacus computational method from China, Mr. Ramesh Prajapati founded DEVEM in 2013, having the objective of introducing the arithmetic programs to, likewise benefiting, the children of Gujarat, India. ages 4 to 14.

More than 1000 students have been given training in over 6 years of their experience. making DEVEM the leading developmental program for children’s mental maths learning.


Children are like little plants, We bend them as we want

H.H. Swamishri -Founder Charitable Trust of SMVS (Shree Swaminarayan Mandir Vasana Sanstha)

Our vision is that children’s life make prosperous by exposing their supermom power by using DEVEM Mental Math Technique.

OUR Mission

Every child in India will not be deprived of the Abacus method.

To create a network of DEVAM Learning Centers across the INDIA providing a quality deliverance of the DEVEM methodology to the students through this novel and holistic whole brain development program aimed to help them succeed by creating a strong academic foundation for life.